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Why should I buy a leather golf bag?
Leather golf bags are the most durable and some argue the most aesthetically pleasing golf bags.  Leather golf bags reflect the qualities of craftsmanship and integrity that are inherent to the game of golf.  They have been known to last a lifetime and in some cases several lifetimes.  If you've never enjoyed the pleasure of walking a round of golf with a Sunday leather golf bag you owe it to yourself to have the experience.  For some people, a side benefit to leather golf bags is that they don't come with all the advertising that seems to be present on today's modern bags. 

Do leather golf bags require any special treatment?

NO.  Many leather golf bags are very neglected and last dozens of years.  We do  recommend an occasional leather cleaning and conditioning treatment.  Once a year for most golfers and maybe twice a year if you are lucky enough to play golf in the sun all year round.  Also, try to store your leather golf bag in a cool, dry place which is what you should do for your clubs as well.

How long will it take to get my leather golf bag?
Legally we have to say that orders are processed in 2-5 business days.  However, most orders are processed the same day we receive them.  We are based on the Pacific Time Zone so it depends where and when you order.  You will receive notice as soon as your order ships and we will provide you with a tracking number so you will know exactly when to expect your order.  We ship all of our orders standard UPS. 

Can I get a rush shipment?

Yes, if you have any special shipping needs please contact us at: Support@TheLeatherGolfBag.com
Tell us what you're special needs or circumstances are and we will provide you with the details to expedite your order as you wish. 

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