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100% Best Price Guarantee

The Leather Golf Bag.com specializes  in providing you with the best leather golf bags at the best prices.  So our pledge to you is this: 

If you find a leather golf bag for a lower price on another website, we will refund you 100% of the difference between the lower price you found and The Leather Golf Bag's price.  We have been known to lower our prices from time to time so we'll even refund the difference if we lower the price at The Leather Golf Bag!

Of course there are a few common sense rules and stipulations:

    * The golf bag must be in stock in the same style, size and color that was purchased from The Leather Golf Bag.com
    * The website where you find the lower price cannot be an auction site.
    * Shipping charges, promotions, and taxes, if any, will be included when calculating the price difference.
    * Offer is valid for 10 days after you make your purchase.

Here's how to process your refund:

   1. Complete your purchase at The Leather Golf Bag.com
   2. Send an email to support@TheLeatherGolfBag.com with:

-Your Order Number

-The URL of the site where you found the item

-Instructions how to find the item

After receiving your email, The Leather Golf Bag.com will verify the website and the lower price you found.  We will then  give you the discount, and send you an e-mail with your new total.  Refunds will be issued within 24 hours of being verified.

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