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We strive to offer the best leather golf products and service.  Here are some spontaneous comments that customers have sent to us. 


"Well- it's spectacular!  It is absolutely perfect and I am so thrilled and grateful.  The quality of the bag is exceptional- well made, obviously.  It's already a hit at my club- took it there Saturday- and the guys were all over it."   -D.A. San Francisco, CA

"Got it----love it!!!!"- R.B. Wexford, PA

"Thank you. I did look at your bags and straps and they will work.
Thank you again. Next bag I order will also be from you. Thanks again!"

San Jose, CA

"Thank you for your excellent customer service, and we will keep this
company on file - we have quite a few retirement gifts I see heading your way.
Thank you"
-T.B. Northbrook, IL

"Received it this morning. Thanks for the great service!"                                                - M.Z. Greenwood, IN

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